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What is The Boot Camp?

No fancy gym equipment. No in-home equipment that serves as an expensive clothes hanger. Folks leveraged their body weight to stay fit way before there the infomercial for expensive fitness equipment was invented. Ignyte Fitness in Annapolis, MD will teach you the modified versions of those fitness techniques.

Brian Johnson's original "Train your core to do More" Boot Camp workouts are efficient and effective because you work your entire body by going from one exercise to another with little to no rest in between. The workouts involve calisthenics like pushups, jumping jacks, crunches, and employ many devices such as sand bags, kettle bells, and ropes.

In Ignyte Fitness’ Boot Camp, your challenge is to take your body to its limit. I am here to give you the tools to motivate yourself. You work, you sweat, and best of all, you burn calories
like crazy.

Features of Our Programs:

  • Classes start at 112.00 per month.
  • Efficient - Not only will you burn a lot of calories in an hour, the program will work muscles throughout the entire body, unlike typical gym machines that target one group at a time.
  • Effective - you work your whole body in a short period of time while building strength, endurance, and agility.
  • Fun - each exercise is different so you don’t get bored.  A boot camp atmosphere also encourages support between members, a great way to inspire each other (and yourself) to reach each other’s goals.

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